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I started on the internet in 1981 when there was no such things as websites. They were called bulletin boards. Any information or programs you needed you would download from these sites. I enjoy working on the internet. Its my golf game, fishing, and vacation all rolled into one. What I like more than the internet is helping you to reach your full potential with your business online. Trust me not every person will accomplish this the first time out.
I live in Brasil where I spend my day teaching the locals English and working on my internet business. Its a great day when you can wake up in a rain forest or on the beach put in two hours of work and be done for the day without ever leaving your beach chair. Working at
It took me a long time to fully understand the potential of the internet. I’m what you might call a “Smack him up aside the head until he listens.” But one day I had an epiphany. All of a sudden I realized that my failures had noting to do with the programs I had bought. The people that gave me advice, or the cups of coffee I drank util three o’clock in the morning. It was me, myself and I. When I came to this realization I stopped everything and took a hard look whether or not the internet was for me. I said yes and I began to rebuild. But differently. According to my plan and not someone else. I read books like “Think and Grow Rich” and the “Magic of Thinking Big”. But most of all I stopped what I cal l Being in Internet Quicksand. You know the drill. You wake up in the morning and check your emails looking for the perfect internet program. My spam folder would have more then two thousand emails that I would never read. I would’t have time to even look at them. So the first thing I did was I looked at all the emails I was receiving that were just about information or asking me to join their program. I made a hard decision and hit the unsubscribe button. My mail box was finally empty. I had my life back. Then I found WA – Wealthy Affiliate program. Not just a place to learn how to make money on the internet, but a serious home. Needless to say I have never for one minute looked back.
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  1. A very informative and enjoyable read. A read that anyone seeking help and guidance should read. It is nice when one gets to feel that they really know the person who in time is going to be their genuine, friendly and helpful mentor.

    1. Thank you, my friend, for the comment. It’s nice to know your out there for me. Hope you found the site to your liking. Hope to have it totally finished in about a week. Have a great day.

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