Trump and Putin Flim-Flam Man


Who is the flim-flam man?  I sit here watching CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and CBS and am beginning to understand the why Trump wants a  meeting with Putin this fall. Now I hope you will truly listen to what I am about to tell you.  Putin is in a position of strength after the first meeting in Helsinki.  Well, in their private meeting they must have decided to have another meeting in the fall. If you are asking yourself, “What difference will that make?” Now think about it, Putin has been allowed to look strong. So at the next meeting Trump will be allowed to be in a position of strength. Consequently, this will help the Republicans in the fall. I can see the headlines now, Trump is no longer Putin’s poodle. How do you think this will go over with the electorate.

When it’s all over both Trump and Putin will get what they have wanted all along. The US no longer being a world leader while Putin can go back to being aggressive with Crimea, Syria, and Montenegro with the US saying nothing.  This is clear if you really look closely.

What Needs To Be Done

America is the strongest country in the world. It has the strongest laws being watched over by the Constitution. As everyone knows the first law gives the press its freedom of speech. The founding fathers put that first because it was so important to the founding fathers. Yet Trump has maligned the press constantly. He can’t even deny this because his comments are in the public realm. What I am suggesting is that every day is just put a small comment in the news.  Tell the American people what the Trump, Putin plans for the Washington meeting. Now if I am wrong, so be it life will go on. If I am correct then the American electorate will have been informed and they have adequate information to make an informed choice.

Is It True Trump Banned A Reporter

The news
All the news

Today a White House reporter was in the meeting with the president and an EU leader. He had her banned from a rose garden meeting. Is this the way a president should behave.

I truly believe the political struggle will become much worse before it gets better. The MSM will present as much information as possible to inform America about what is taking place. Trump and his allies will continue to call the press an enemy of the state. Americans will start to tire of all the rhetoric and turn off the news channels. Please Don’t! This is too important to stop being involved. It has been less than two years since this began. American freedom for independence took eighteen years. Isn’t your freedom worth another two years to make sure your government is not taken over by bullies and tyrants?






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