Trump and Putin as World Leaders

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We have heard very little from Putin during the turmoil that has been taking place between America and Russia. Putin appears to be a man that keeps his cards close to his vest. With the indictments that have come out from the DOJ all, we hear from Russia that they had no involvement in the American elections. Nothing else has been uttered from the Kremlin.

Now we are having a meeting of two superpowers. The United State has a

A World of Fear
A World of Fear

GNP of 18.75 Trillion Dollars. Russia has a GDP of 3.3 Trillion Dollars. If you look at the ruble though you will see right a the moment the exchange rate is 62 ruble to 1 dollar. So that means the 3.3 Trillion Dollars is equal to 206 Trillion Rubles. Just a little trivia fact. Russia wants to be a superpower again, but their lack of strength seems apparent. The strength will come from Putin alone who is quite capable of taking care of himself.

So let’s look at the scenario that will take place when Trump meets with Putin. Trump says he hardly knows Putin. Only met him a couple of times. Can we take Trump’s word on this? I just can’t say with all the lies he spouts. The two are going to be meeting alone. I hope the translators are very capable and can be trusted on both sides.

The results are in. Trump does not want to admit that Putin tried to sway the election in his favor. He is such an egomaniac that he feels he was the reason that he won the election. Still, the jury is out why Trump is kissing Putin’s ass. There are many theories, one being that Putin has something big hanging over Trump’s head.  This will eventually come out. No one thought that Mueller would find as much wrongdoing as he has so far. This last release of information I believe was timed with the thought that it would make Trump confront Putin. It did not seem to have that effect. The novella continues.

Did You Vote For Trump

Did You Waste Your Vote On Trump

The electoral college again pulled the Republican ticket out of its ass giving Trump the presidency?

Electoral college
Does Your Vote Count?

I hope you can remember Bush did the same thing against Gore in the 2000 election. During its infancy, the electoral college may have been a great idea. Only a handful of people in the colonies were educated enough to truly understand voting for a president rather than being under a kings rule. They did not want a tyrant to become president.

As you well know that Trump (as a Republican) did the same thing. As you look at the demographics over the last 100 years you begin to see a clear indication that the Republicans seem to live in states with smaller populations. They also seem to be more risk tolerant than Democrats while Democrats are prone to take fewer chances. This study was conducted in The 10 Greatest Mysteries of the Mind].

So even though a president may lose the popular vote, the electoral college can help them pull the election out of their ass. This has happened four times in the history of the United States. That means only 56 presidential elections held in the United State the popular vote won the day.  Do we really need to follow such an antiquated law?

Russia And The Campaign

Now Trump’s campaign is said to have relied on the Russians interference. Trump has such a huge ego he just will not accept that. He claims that 3 million immigrants voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. There was no proof of this, but law enforcement concluded that the Russians interfered in the US elections.

So Russia helps decide the president of the United States. Now he has two conflicts in tow with his presidency. He has nominated someone to the supreme courts who feels that a president should not be investigated while in office. Is this a conflict? if Trump ever comes up in front of the Supreme Court should the jurist be recused? He also is giving man strokes to the president of Russia. The country that is believed to have interfered in the elections. He is also going to have a one on one conference with Putin with only the interpreters present. Can we trust anything that comes out of this meeting? You decide.

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Peter Strzok Riding The Wave

Should Trump Be In the Hot Seat And Not Strzok

I don’t know how many Americans have been watching the public viewing of

Peter Styrok
Peter Strzok

the Strzok hearing, but I do believe it has to be a lot. If not I will give you a quick rundown of today’s monkey trial.

Now I am not saying that Strzok is innocent. He is a man of the world and certainly knows how to cover his ass. But today must have been brutal for him. He appeared cool, calm and collected but I did notice a crack in his demeanor a few time. His anger rose a few times, but he was a total professional and was able to keep it under control

The Republicans are trying to create a distraction from the real issue. Was the 2016 presidential election affected by Russian meddling?  According to all the law enforcement agencies in the federal government, the answer is YES! But as far as Trump is concerned he believes Putin when he says that Russia did not meddle in the election. This will be for another day. Right now we are discussing Peter Strzok and the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Now this case as everyone knows has become quite complicated. Strzok was very high up in the FBI, including working with Mueller on the Russia probe. But he made a big mistake. He was sending emails back and forth to his girlfriend about not liking Trump and saying to each other that we can’t let this idiot become president. He should not have been doing this on the government dime, but even the smartest of people make mistakes. (We won’t mention any other names)

The House and Strzok

Today was a day of mixed emotions. The Republicans were trying to blow holes in his story, and the Democrats were trying to defend him. Now neither of these things were necessary because the Inspector General had already cleared him of any wrongdoing. They did say the protocol he followed was not correct but concerning any investigations, there was no bias on his part because of the way he texted about Trump. He also had harsh words about Clinton. But that door was closed a long time ago.

But the worst comment that came out of the day was from one of the Republicans asking Strzok “How do you think your wife and family feel about the affair you had.” The hearing had sunk to a new low.

My Take

It was a long day for everyone. Peter Strzok looked exhausted at the end of the day. But just as the IG report found no real wrongdoing neither did the Republicans today. Along with Trump, the Republicans are trying to discredit the FBI and the Mueller probes. Many of these Republicans are the same one that called Trump a barrage of names when he was running for president. It even became worse when he got the nomination.

I cannot list all the things that Trump has lied about over the last two years. But I do believe it would make a great book. “The Art of the Lie” I see one of two things happening to Trump. The blue wave will hit this year and the Democrats will lead the charge to impeach Trump. He will be impeached in the House. But I believe the Senate will still be controlled by the Republicans leaving America with a lame duck president. Either way, Trump will have been castrated and his power will be greatly limited. I don’t want to thank God because he doesn’t even want to weigh-in in this.

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My World, Your World, A Free World, Not Trumps

My World, Your World

A Free World, Not Trumps

How afraid of a person can you be? Were the Germans ever afraid of Hitler and what he was doing, or did he just sneak up behind the country without anyone noticing? Trump has followed his playbook to a tee. These are the steps Hitler took on his rise to power.

  • Hitler – Book Mein Kampf               Trump – The Art of the Deal
  • Alienate Jews and Poles                    Alienate Muslims and Hispanics
  • Create fear in his party                       Create fear in his party
  • Polarizing countries                              Polarizing countries
  • Making alliances                                     Making alliances
  • Raising taxes                                            Raising taxes

Are They The Same

Trump will have a hard time controlling a democracy. Hitler had a great deal more knowledge about government than Trump has. Hitler was precise in his words and actions. Every step he made was planned well in advance and exercised like a military drill. If not for the coalition of countries Nazis may be ruling Earth today.

I have nothing against Trump personally. He was always a mediocre

Trump at His Best

businessman and tv host. But the thing that I have always noticed about Trump is that he is a great flim-flam man.  This is nonsensical or insincere talk.

Most Americans don’t realize they were duped into voting for Trump. This all started with youtube videos and Facebook ads from Russia. I began to notice a change in youtube and Facebook posts relating to Hillary Clinton’s inadequacies as a human being. Nothing to do with doing her job as a politician, but just a bad person. The news stories are too numerous to mention but you can peruse than anytime you wish on youtube and Facebook. Yet few people mentioned the fact that Trump had 3500  lawsuits that had been filed against him.

What Is The Solution

So where do we go from here? Trump is alienating US allies and buttering up its longtime enemies. I understand a need to befriend an enemy but not with the art of deception at the tip of your fingers. Putin does not care about his people. He only wishes to expand the reach of the Russian government. Just as Kim Jong-un has deceived Trump, Putin will do the same. Trump does not understand the power of shutting your mouth and listening for a change. I cannot imagine Trump making it for another two years. But the process of his collapse is taking place as I speak. If not taken out of office at least he will become a lame duck.


American Influence Review – Neil Cope

Neil Cope’s Review American Influence

I have just spent an hour going through American Influence’s website (twice) word for word.   My immediate response, “Heartiest Congratulations”.  It is not doing justice to say it is excellent and absolutely “Superb”.  In my humble opinion, it is definitely the equal of any top website that I have ever had the privilege of viewing.

It is attractive,  appealing and most importantly it is inviting to the point where any visitor will want to continue reading.   I say the following without there being any thought of being facetious or with any hidden message.   There is no way that the large pictures will, in this case, cause a visitor to leave the site. In fact, in my opinion, quite the opposite.

Well done, you know that I have always seen you as a bit of a whiz kid and this certainly confirms it. You always give me credit for being able to write fluently and well.    Don’t undersell yourself, my friend, you are my equal.

Why Are You Here

If you are reading this then obviously you have made the wise decision to visit and view this website created by Stephen Stefanski.  Read every word of the website is my advice to you.  Absorb all the content as they are words from a man who is wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the Internet.   However to me even more important they are the words from a man whose almost sole purpose is to help others along the road from ‘learning to earn’.
Who Am I

Who am I to be putting a posting on Stephen’s site?    Briefly, I am Neil Cope and I was lucky and privileged to be taken under Stephen’s wing quite some time ago.   Originally my knowledge of Computer’s and the Internet was that I could send an Email, Copy and Paste.   Over time Stephen imparted much knowledge to me to the point where I now have my own modest website,
To know me better feel free to take a browse through this but I insist on one thing in your own interest.   Do not bounce over to my site until you have read and absorbed fully what Stephen has laid out here for you.    His site is ‘informative’ my site is ‘interesting’.
When I viewed Stephen’s site, as you are now doing, I felt compelled to send a note of appreciation.   Simply for your information, I set out what I said to him.

Meet our team


I started on the internet in 1981 when there was no such things as websites. They were called bulletin boards. Any information or programs you needed you would download from these sites. I enjoy working on the internet. Its my golf game, fishing, and vacation all rolled into one. What I like more than the internet is helping you to reach your full potential with your business online. Trust me not every person will accomplish this the first time out. Continue reading “Meet our team”