Trump and Putin Flim-Flam Man

The constitution


Who is the flim-flam man?  I sit here watching CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and CBS and am beginning to understand the why Trump wants a  meeting with Putin this fall. Now I hope you will truly listen to what I am about to tell you.  Putin is in a position of strength after the first meeting in Helsinki.  Well, in their private meeting they must have decided to have another meeting in the fall. If you are asking yourself, “What difference will that make?” Now think about it, Putin has been allowed to look strong. So at the next meeting Trump will be allowed to be in a position of strength. Consequently, this will help the Republicans in the fall. I can see the headlines now, Trump is no longer Putin’s poodle. How do you think this will go over with the electorate.

When it’s all over both Trump and Putin will get what they have wanted all along. The US no longer being a world leader while Putin can go back to being aggressive with Crimea, Syria, and Montenegro with the US saying nothing.  This is clear if you really look closely.

What Needs To Be Done

America is the strongest country in the world. It has the strongest laws being watched over by the Constitution. As everyone knows the first law gives the press its freedom of speech. The founding fathers put that first because it was so important to the founding fathers. Yet Trump has maligned the press constantly. He can’t even deny this because his comments are in the public realm. What I am suggesting is that every day is just put a small comment in the news.  Tell the American people what the Trump, Putin plans for the Washington meeting. Now if I am wrong, so be it life will go on. If I am correct then the American electorate will have been informed and they have adequate information to make an informed choice.

Is It True Trump Banned A Reporter

The news
All the news

Today a White House reporter was in the meeting with the president and an EU leader. He had her banned from a rose garden meeting. Is this the way a president should behave.

I truly believe the political struggle will become much worse before it gets better. The MSM will present as much information as possible to inform America about what is taking place. Trump and his allies will continue to call the press an enemy of the state. Americans will start to tire of all the rhetoric and turn off the news channels. Please Don’t! This is too important to stop being involved. It has been less than two years since this began. American freedom for independence took eighteen years. Isn’t your freedom worth another two years to make sure your government is not taken over by bullies and tyrants?






Then They Came For Me

The constitution

The elimination of the German (American) multi-party political system not only brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties; it also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties (Democratic Party), which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party(Republican Party). In the following months, the Nazis (Republicans) established control or exerted influence over independent press organizations. Then they came for me.

Then They Came For Me

Wow, it is amazing that the news before WWII can be interchanged with the

My Mom
Please, Mr. Trump, Where Is My Mom

news today. Trump does not like dealing with conflict. He also does not like when someone challenges his authority. This is evident in the way he has been dealing with national security organizations in the US. Listen to the following poem by  Martin Niemöller

First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Taking Away Security Clearances

Now Trump is using threats of taking away security clearances from the former heads of American security agencies.  He is trying to try to stifle their political views, not criminal behavior. There are no implications of criminal behavior from these people.

The White House is releasing a multitude of news stories to distract from the Helsinki news to distract the American public. These are just a few of the stories that the White House has created in order to distract from the Helsinki summit.

  • Trump’s tweet in all capitals to the Iranians
  • The release of the FISA application (unprecedented)
  • The release of the Cohen, Trump conversation tapes

These are just a few of the news stories that the White House has created to distract the public. We also have the big news story about Putin coming to the White House. I believe the reason Trump and Putin are doing this is another distraction for the American people. I believe that Trump and Putin have the following plan. At Helsinki, they planned to make Putin look strong and dominant in the public arena. Putin now has raised the public opinion of himself in the Russians eyes. When Putin comes to the US they will do the opposite making Trump look like the strong man helping the Republicans in the fall elections.

Trump knows how to use the media to his benefit. A man that can lie six times a days as president has no morals.


Witches From Mueller Investigation

Russian Witches

Vin Diesel would be proud of the witches Mueller’s  team indited today. Along with Rod Rosenstein, the the brought forth 12 more witches from the Russian


Russian probe. Whether they will ever see a courtroom it is unknown. I doubt if Putin will ever allow the members of his military to be extradited to the US. On Monday Trump will be reading the riot act to Putin at their private meeting. I hope my sarcasm is not too obvious.  To be a fly in that room.

I wish the Republicans in the room would come straight out and tell me that this is all a series of lies. Our president would never collude with the Russians. I am not certain if  Trump ever did collude with the Russians. As I lay awake every night I try to think of every scenario that could have taken place during the election. I truly believe this all started with the Miss Universe contest in Russia. I believe Trump got in bed at that time. But I can’t prove anything for certain.

Monday will be a big day for the Trump. Can anyone out there guess what Trump is planning on discussing with Putin?  Is he going to put more sanctions on Putin? Will he continue NATO exercises or will he wimp out like he did with North Korea? To be a fly on the wall at that meeting would be worth one billion dollars. How is it that Trump can condemn US allies who the US has had a relationship with for 70 years yet when it comes to Putin he doesn’t have a bad word to say.

Last Word

There are two options for the American people now as they go into the

Last Word
Last Word

midterm elections. They can stay home and let the powers that be continue on with the controlling of the White House and Congress leaving the rule of law on the curb. Or they can rally themselves. This will include you the none voting independents. If you all band together this nonsense will stop. Here are the results of such an election. With the Democrats in control of the House Trump will be impeached. but the Republicans will still control the Senate. So that is as far as any impeachment will go. So where does that leave the US? The US will have a lame duck president for two years. Trump will sit in the White House playing with his golf balls waiting for the day when he can go back and manage his properties. America will then lick her wounds and try to return to her old self.

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Love America

Eagle and flag

Hello My American Friends

The world for me has not changed even as I have moved from American to Brasil. Life goes on the same way as it did before. I still have a great interest in the US. Since changing my approach to marketing I have seen a huge increase in feedback from people on FB. Whether this is good or bad I am not certain. Money has


left the equation and now I only post for my love of America. When this is over the US will go back to the way it was. Of this I am sure. She has survived the birth of the nation, 12 major wars and a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters.

Who Are We

For 243 years she has taken in immigrants from all over the world? Including my family from two different countries.  She cried on 9/11 and fought back through the smoke. She held her head high and showed the world she is a power to contend with.  Is America perfect? No, she has had her trials and tribulations. She has had her prejudices exposed. Yet throughout all of that she is still America. Today we struggle and cry. But tomorrow we will still be America with our lovely lady waiting in the harbor to help the world. America please don’t change your truth.

The Distribution of Lies

Trump is now spreading his lies throughout the world with his travels to Europe.  He felt he needed to try to throw a wedge in between the US and its European allies. Europe has problems just like the US. But if Trump thinks they don’t have the strength to stand up against him, he is truly mistaken. After all, Europe is America’s mother.  France helped us with our struggles to free ourselves from England during our independence struggle. We fought in two world wars against the reign of tyranny and fascism without wavering. NATO  then came to America’s aid when it was attacked on 9/11.
The US cannot lose Europe as its ally. The bond they have makes them stronger together than apart. They are our aunts and uncles. Grandmother, grandfather, and cousins. They are us as we are them.  Many people on the right think that Trump is taking the right course. Many people on the left believe he is a megalomaniac.  However, you think of him you must remember what makes America great is the balance of power.

Makeup of America

Even though Trump and the Congress are trying to load the court with justices they feel will vote in their direction, America will still be America. Just as the economy sways up and down like a boat on the ocean, so does our judicial branch, congressional branch, and the executive branch. All the branches have had their trials and tribulations but America has always come through the fray. These were the basic principles of which America was founded.
I understand many of you are scared right now. Many of you are confused. There is a whole lot of you just saying to your friends, “I am so sick of all this.”  But there is more to America than just Trump.
There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Of these 56 signers:

  • nine died during the war.
  • Five of these men were captured and tortured.
  • Two had their sons killed
  • Two had their sons captured.
  • 24 were lawyers and jurists. 11 were merchants, 9 farmers; men of means, well educated. The signers of the Declaration of Independence knew full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Congress is afraid of Trump just as Trump is afraid of Putin. They believe he has the ability to cause them to lose the Republican right, and consequently the vote. Who cares if this happens. Congress you need to finally take a stance against a man who brings America nothing but shame. The signers of the constitution made the ultimate sacrifice. What have you done today?

Trump and Putin as World Leaders

world picture

We have heard very little from Putin during the turmoil that has been taking place between America and Russia. Putin appears to be a man that keeps his cards close to his vest. With the indictments that have come out from the DOJ all, we hear from Russia that they had no involvement in the American elections. Nothing else has been uttered from the Kremlin.

How Scary Can Putin Get

Now we are having a meeting of two superpowers. The United State has a

A World of Fear
A World of Fear

GNP of 18.75 Trillion Dollars. Russia has a GDP of 3.3 Trillion Dollars. If you look at the ruble though you will see right a the moment the exchange rate is 62 ruble to 1 dollar. So that means the 3.3 Trillion Dollars is equal to 206 Trillion Rubles. Just a little trivia fact. Russia wants to be a superpower again, but their lack of strength seems apparent. The strength will come from Putin alone who is quite capable of taking care of himself.

So let’s look at the scenario that will take place when Trump meets with Putin. Trump says he hardly knows Putin. Only met him a couple of times. Can we take Trump’s word on this? I just can’t say with all the lies he spouts. The two are going to be meeting alone. I hope the translators are very capable and can be trusted on both sides.

No Confirmation From Trump

The results are in. Trump does not want to admit that Putin tried to sway the

The handshake
The Handshake That Shook The World

election in his favor. He is such an egomaniac that he feels he was the reason that he won the election. Still, the jury is out why Trump is kissing Putin’s ass. There are many theories, one being that Putin has something big hanging over Trump’s head.  This will eventually come out. No one thought that Mueller would find as much wrongdoing as he has so far. This last release of information I believe was timed with the thought that it would make Trump confront Putin. It did not seem to have that effect.

Now the world is weighing in on the debate. It is no longer an American issue, but a world issue. It affects all countries that are on the world stage. Even the Republicans in Congress have voiced their disgust. The only solution to this is the vote. Trump’s ego (or something Putin has) does not allow him to defend the US. We may never know because of his choice to keep it secret with the meeting he had with Putin. So the novella continues.

Did You Vote For Trump

Did You Waste Your Vote On Trump

The electoral college again pulled the Republican ticket out of its ass giving Trump the presidency?

Electoral college
Does Your Vote Count?

I hope you can remember Bush did the same thing against Gore in the 2000 election. During its infancy, the electoral college may have been a great idea. Only a handful of people in the colonies were educated enough to truly understand voting for a president rather than being under a kings rule. They did not want a tyrant to become president.

As you well know that Trump (as a Republican) did the same thing. As you look at the demographics over the last 100 years you begin to see a clear indication that the Republicans seem to live in states with smaller populations. They also seem to be more risk tolerant than Democrats while Democrats are prone to take fewer chances. This study was conducted in The 10 Greatest Mysteries of the Mind].

So even though a president may lose the popular vote, the electoral college can help them pull the election out of their ass. This has happened four times in the history of the United States. That means only 56 presidential elections held in the United State the popular vote won the day.  Do we really need to follow such an antiquated law?

Russia And The Campaign

Now Trump’s campaign is said to have relied on the Russians interference. Trump has such a huge ego he just will not accept that. He claims that 3 million immigrants voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. There was no proof of this, but law enforcement concluded that the Russians interfered in the US elections.

So Russia helps decide the president of the United States. Now he has two conflicts in tow with his presidency. He has nominated someone to the supreme courts who feels that a president should not be investigated while in office. Is this a conflict? if Trump ever comes up in front of the Supreme Court should the jurist be recused? He also is giving man strokes to the president of Russia. The country that is believed to have interfered in the elections. He is also going to have a one on one conference with Putin with only the interpreters present. Can we trust anything that comes out of this meeting? You decide.

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