My World, Your World, A Free World, Not Trumps

My World, Your World

A Free World, Not Trumps

How afraid of a person can you be? Were the Germans ever afraid of Hitler and what he was doing, or did he just sneak up behind the country without anyone noticing? Trump has followed his playbook to a tee. These are the steps Hitler took on his rise to power.

  • Hitler – Book Mein Kampf               Trump – The Art of the Deal
  • Alienate Jews and Poles                    Alienate Muslims and Hispanics
  • Create fear in his party                       Create fear in his party
  • Polarizing countries                              Polarizing countries
  • Making alliances                                     Making alliances
  • Raising taxes                                            Raising taxes

Are They The Same

Trump will have a hard time controlling a democracy. Hitler had a great deal more knowledge about government than Trump has. Hitler was precise in his words and actions. Every step he made was planned well in advance and exercised like a military drill. If not for the coalition of countries Nazis may be ruling Earth today.

I have nothing against Trump personally. He was always a mediocre

Trump at His Best

businessman and tv host. But the thing that I have always noticed about Trump is that he is a great flim-flam man.  This is nonsensical or insincere talk.

Most Americans don’t realize they were duped into voting for Trump. This all started with youtube videos and Facebook ads from Russia. I began to notice a change in youtube and Facebook posts relating to Hillary Clinton’s inadequacies as a human being. Nothing to do with doing her job as a politician, but just a bad person. The news stories are too numerous to mention but you can peruse than anytime you wish on youtube and Facebook. Yet few people mentioned the fact that Trump had 3500  lawsuits that had been filed against him.

What Is The Solution

So where do we go from here? Trump is alienating US allies and buttering up its longtime enemies. I understand a need to befriend an enemy but not with the art of deception at the tip of your fingers. Putin does not care about his people. He only wishes to expand the reach of the Russian government. Just as Kim Jong-un has deceived Trump, Putin will do the same. Trump does not understand the power of shutting your mouth and listening for a change. I cannot imagine Trump making it for another two years. But the process of his collapse is taking place as I speak. If not taken out of office at least he will become a lame duck.


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