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Neil Cope’s Review American Influence

I have just spent an hour going through American Influence’s website (twice) word for word.   My immediate response, “Heartiest Congratulations”.  It is not doing justice to say it is excellent and absolutely “Superb”.  In my humble opinion, it is definitely the equal of any top website that I have ever had the privilege of viewing.

It is attractive,  appealing and most importantly it is inviting to the point where any visitor will want to continue reading.   I say the following without there being any thought of being facetious or with any hidden message.   There is no way that the large pictures will, in this case, cause a visitor to leave the site. In fact, in my opinion, quite the opposite.

Well done, you know that I have always seen you as a bit of a whiz kid and this certainly confirms it. You always give me credit for being able to write fluently and well.    Don’t undersell yourself, my friend, you are my equal.

Why Are You Here

If you are reading this then obviously you have made the wise decision to visit and view this website created by Stephen Stefanski.  Read every word of the website is my advice to you.  Absorb all the content as they are words from a man who is wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the Internet.   However to me even more important they are the words from a man whose almost sole purpose is to help others along the road from ‘learning to earn’.
Who Am I

Who am I to be putting a posting on Stephen’s site?    Briefly, I am Neil Cope and I was lucky and privileged to be taken under Stephen’s wing quite some time ago.   Originally my knowledge of Computer’s and the Internet was that I could send an Email, Copy and Paste.   Over time Stephen imparted much knowledge to me to the point where I now have my own modest website,
To know me better feel free to take a browse through this but I insist on one thing in your own interest.   Do not bounce over to my site until you have read and absorbed fully what Stephen has laid out here for you.    His site is ‘informative’ my site is ‘interesting’.
When I viewed Stephen’s site, as you are now doing, I felt compelled to send a note of appreciation.   Simply for your information, I set out what I said to him.

2 Replies to “American Influence Review – Neil Cope”

  1. I have just finished reading every word of Stephen’s revised American Infuence and I say, ‘every word’ because I could not stop reading what was in front of me.
    I congratulate Stephen for the stand he is taking and knowing him as I do I know that everything he says is genuine and from the heart. The thing that I love about the writings is that whether you agree or not with what he states it definitely makes you stop and think and thinking can lead to action.
    Well done Stephen, keep at it.
    Neil Cope

    1. Thank you for your comment. I feel as if I am heading in the right direction with this post. I have watched America divided and I know feel that I need to include my voice in the battle. We cannot let America slip away like a dream with no substance.

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