Sharing America With the World

Winds of Change

American-Influence.com is changing its pictures, pages, posts, and philosophy. I have only been concerned with making money on the internet. As of today, that has changed. I am taking a stand in the political arena and on the world stage.

I am neither the smartest, nor the richest person in the world, but with what happened at the NATO summit today I need my voice to be heard.  rotting fishFacebook no longer offers me the platform to make my view known. There is a fight taking place for the freedom and security of America and the world. The wedge has been driven into the heart of America and I can no longer be silent to the rot that permeates from the very bones of the American democracy.

America the Beautiful

America with all her 243 years has gone through more turmoil than any country should ever have to endure. We are the total sum of what has taken place during those years. We are now sharing America with the world and there is no changing that.

But growing pains continue today even as I speak. I am neither a politician nor a philosophy. I do not pretend to be a person of great intelligence. But I will say this, I am a person with a mission. I am going to share as much as I can about America with the rest of the world. I am going to be an ambassador on the internet. Bringing that which can be spread from America to the rest of the world.

I will be writing about what I think is injustice in the world and needed to be addressed.   I will delve into politics when I see something that should be exposed to the light. I am not building a store, I am building a world. If you have a story you wish to present, bring it on. If you have a beef with me throw on the gloves and let’s get down to reality.

This will be a learning experience for me as well as my family and friends. I  will not tolerate Trumpisms. This will not advance your cause with me, nor will I approve your post. Take it to facebook.

I will also be selling products that I think have value in the marketplace. This is my opinion and no one else’s.  I may be right or wrong but as always I will try to do my best.

The World is Changing

We are on the verge of having a world government. This is the next step in the world pictureevolution of the planet. Just as a country cannot be fragmented and still maintain its identity,  our world is bound by the same rules.

But like all powerful countries, the powerful elite will try to control this. Socialism will not be allowed. Borders will be highly controlled. We are in the throes of restructuring the world as we speak. The rich will continue to get richer and the rest of the world will have to clean their toilets.

But break those binds and join me. Let’s take the world to a new level. Let’s get rid of the Trumps, Putin’s and anyone else that only wishes to drain the lifeblood out of the planet rather than breathing life into. This will be the biggest transition of humankind. Because I am very sorry but humankind is very selfish. I don’t need to prove this because you only need to look around and see all the pain and suffering in the world.

I am not here to judge. Because of the Trump issue, I no longer have conversations with my family. They are following him like a group of ducks follow their mother.  So please tell me your feeling about this.  Leave me a comment. I will try to be as bi-partisan as I possibly can to bring out the truth. Don’t hate me for what I make think, only love me for being just like you: Human.

A man with a new found passion

Stephen Stefanski



Then They Came For Me

The elimination of the German (American) multi-party political system not only brought about the demise of hundreds of newspapers produced by outlawed political parties; it also allowed the state to seize the printing plants and equipment of the Communist and Social Democratic Parties (Democratic Party), which were often turned over directly to the Nazi Party(Republican …


Reviews Aplenty
Reviews are one of the most important areas of the internet. You want to find out how good a car is, Review. Your buying a new pair of shoes what do you do, you know the drill. There are a billion and a half websites, so that must mean there are over a billion reviews.

At American Influence we will try out hardest to give you truthful, unbiased reviews on a variety of products. If we are wrong, Tell Us. We can’t fix an untruth, but we can try to bring our standards up so it does not happen again.

My name is Stephen Stefanski and I will be putting my stamp of approval on every review that comes across my desk. You can contact me through our contact page here at american-influence.com.

“Sharing America, Sharing the World”


All About Me

Hi, my name is Stephen,  and this is all about me, my wife and American Influence. For over 10 years we have been building the name brand, hoping to push it  for another 10.

I built American Influence because I was tired of working for someone else. For ten years now I have been providing anyone who’s willing to work a real way to earn extra income as an Internet Marketer from the comfort of their home.

One of the things I really love about this business is that I can help people build an online busy with little or nothing down. Much of the business that I recommend is that there is never any purchase or sales requirements. There’s so much good stuff going on that sales, success, and commissions just flow naturally! And because I provide such outstanding training and tools, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience in marketing or not. You simply need to plug into a proven system and go to work.

What are you looking for? Money, fame or fortune. You will find the help you need to build an online business here. I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t believe in fortune tellers or luck. What you are in life is because you have created it. You have either struggled hard to find your fortune or have sat in front of the TV and produced nothing in your life except to go to work each and every day. I am an internet professional who has been on the internet since 1998. I have helped countless people find their niche in life. They have created a life for themselves on the internet and found with hard work and commitment they have been able to produce a lifestyle that allows them the freedom to be independent entrepreneurs.

Who Am I, Who Are You – Let Me Teach You

I am an internet marketer that works with emerging online startups to create and improve their online presence. I work with a group of about 100,000 online business’ that have found by joining together in an online community it gives them more strength then being alone. They are no different than you. At one time or another, they searched for an opportunity to build a business online. My business has allowed me the ability to go into semi-retirement and move to Brasil. If you have been on the internet for any amount of time you have seen many opportunities for making money.

With over a billion websites online today there are going to be opportunities everywhere. Do you have an online business now? Are you working with one of the big gurus that collect money from you every month and yet you still see no results? Many people fail in their online business. They either don’t have the knowledge or the support to succeed or they haven’t stuck with it until the end.

How do you sleep

Portrait of a man

When you are working online trying to build your business and you get so frustrated you end up looking like this. I have had many a day when I woke up like this and fall asleep like this. (if I got any sleep at all) There are many ways to build a business online. You can scream and yell until you are blue in the face or you can come to American Influence and take a load off. We are building businesses that people start for free and never have to spend a dime.

This is a business just like anything else you would find on the internet. How fast you build it will be entirely up to you and how dedicated to achieving your goals. I don’t know where you have been or if you have ever accomplished anything on the internet. But let’s forget about all that and just move on and grow.

Are you a quitter

Saying that I have always endorsed is “Quitters never win, and winners never quit” Sounds a little corny but it holds true with everything that you attempt to accomplish in life. No one wins a marathon at mile 25. They push through the pain. This is what you need to do as you build your internet business. Push through the rejection that you will receive as you build your business.

There will be days when you will want to quit and go back to watching your favorite TV program. You always need to stay positive in dealing with others on the internet and keep a positive attitude all the time. It won’t be easy. You will struggle the first few weeks often leaving you exhausted. Don’t worry this shall pass. Find a friend to work together online. Doing so will create a third mind from where you can draw from to help you build your business.

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